Flat Stanley project for Breanne

Hello –

My niece Breanne has asked me to help her with a school project that her third grade class is doing. She knows I am blessed with wonderfully creative friends around the world like you... so she is expecting wonderfully surprising things for her “Flat Stanley” characters. We would really love to have a Flat Stanley from you to add to her collection for her class!

Would you please see the information below and the attached image, and take a few moments to help us by...

1) dressing / decorating a “Flat Stanley”

2) taking a photo of Flat Stanley doing something with you (or by himself, if you don't want to be in the photo)

3) writing a short note to tell us what Flat Stanley did while he was visiting with you

4) emailing the photo and note to:   ang@dentalpromos.com

5) and, if you can and don't mind, drop your Flat Stanley into an envelope and mail it to:

Breanne Bailey

c/o Angela Bailey

524 S. Walnut Street

Florence, AL 35630

6) include a postcard, trinket, or other souvenir with your Flat Stanley when mailing, IF you want to really make Breanne's day. ;) lol

We need your photo and note back next week (first week of Feb.) via email.

And, if possible, your “Flat Stanley” too, by mail... if you’re able to mail him.

Thank you sooooo very much for taking time to do this! I’ll owe you big time!!! (:)




Mrs. Rhonda Howard's Mailroom

Lauderdale County High School

Third Grade

Dear Friend,

As part of our integrated reading, writing, social studies, and mathematics programs, the children in my class at LCHS have read a funny book called Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. The book is about a young boy named Stanley who is accidentally squished “as flat as a pancake” when a bulletin board falls on him. Stanley is very, very, flat but otherwise fine. The story goes on to tell how Stanley discovers some real advantages to being flat. He can slide under doors, go down into sidewalk grates, and even folds himself up small enough to fit into an envelope and be mailed to California for an exciting vacation.

We are sending out plain paper dolls that we call Flat Stanley, and we are sending them off to visit all over the United States and the World. I have selected you to be Flat Stanley’s “host family” and hope that you will send him back after a short visit, telling my class something about your city and the exciting things Flat Stanley saw or did while he was there. We would also appreciate it if you could let us know approximately how far your city is from Rogersville, Alabama, so that we can calculate the number of miles Flat Stanley has traveled. Of course, Flat Stanley would also appreciate it if you could “dress” him to reflect the season you are in, or an activity that he did, or other clothing that would tell us more about where you live.

Thank you for letting my Flat Stanley come to visit you!

Yours truly,

Breanne Bailey


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