Priest Lake Proofs


I tried to give you a variety of looks at business cards in these natural feather styles, since I think it’s my favorite branding... because it seems to match your office’s rustic elegance in decor and coloring, as well as fit your “outdoorsman” personality. Like I told Viki in a recent email, I didn’t think it could work when you first mentioned this type of feather (because I couldn’t imagine it still having a soft/gentle look for what we were trying to convey)... but you proved me wrong. I ended up liking it.  :)

Although it may not be as smooth or soft-looking as the other feather, I think the one with the orange and golden tones feels a lot “warmer” and friendlier... and it brings in some additional coloring of the stonework that reminds me of your office.

Stationery Proofs - A


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